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The Count of Monte Cristo

“I regret now,” said he, “having helped you in your late inquiries, or having given you the information I did.”
“Why so?” inquired Dantès.
“Because it has instilled a new passion in your heart—that of vengeance.”

Where to begin my praise for the Count of Monte Cristo? Written in 1844 by Alexandre Dumas, it is often considered one of the best novels ever written and rightly so. Dumas examines in painstaking detail the extent to which an innocent man, unjustly imprisoned, will go to punish those responsible for his doom.

It is an intricate plot told in a straightforward and accessible way, which is the beauty of The Count of Monte Cristo: it is digestible literature. Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece combines adventure, mystery, romance and the result is savory. It is not a novel to dwell upon, it is a novel to be enjoyed; stop reading this review and go read the book.


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