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Art meets Music


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Disclaimer: The mere fact that it is a light read prevents this novel from deserving or obtaining a better rating.

However, if one were to ignore the stereotypes associated with women’s “literature”, they would find Austenland to be a very enjoyable and funny read as well as a smart and sassy tribute to Jane Austen and her über-fans.  Formerly known as Ostensibly Jane, this short novel (under 200 pages) had me smiling and laughing and gasping and sighing the whole 2-3 hours it took me to read it. The twists and puns were delightful and the references were witty. The “Fanny Price” bit even had me chortling. 

Though it may be slightly sexist, I would recommend this book to all the other females in this world who are as hopelessly in love with Mr.Darcy as I am.  Come on. Admit it: Fitzwilliam is smoking hot



“Sometimes, she watched Pride and Prejudice.¹ “

¹Austenland, Shannon Hale.

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