Self Portrait in A Straw Hat (1782) by Élisabeth-Louise Vigéee-Le Brun

Self Portrait in A Straw Hat (1782) by Élisabeth-Louise Vigéee-Le Brun

The author is a self professed bookworm who spent most of her life dreaming of foreign worlds and places. Now that she is legally an adult and is actually living in a foreign country, she suddenly realizes it’s not as easy as it first appeared. She is currently mastering the art of patience and adapting to the Latin American way of life while struggling not to lose herself and her native words in this strange and exotic world.

Somehow along the way, her dream of studying history got a makeover and blossomed into a Marketing and International Commerce degree, which she is currently pursuing… in spanish.

This blog is her cure, a little piece of her childhood and the girl she used to be. Here, she fiercely hangs on to her books and paintings.

So long lives this and this gives life to thee. -Shakespeare.


5 responses to “About

  1. the biggest G of them all

    como estas chica?!! 😎
    j’aime vraiment ton site c’est fucking bien fait :D!!
    whats up?!
    your one and only first friend 😉

  2. melilysa

    awwwwww thankkkks “g” Je penses que j’ai snorter quand j’ai vu “the biggest g of them all” omg, LOOOOOL. Mon amie Fanny m’a fait le header!

    je vais bien mais tu me manques man. J’étais comme…. omg, j’ai pas parlé à bianca depuis que je suis partit… même si je pense à toi souvent. L’autre jour je suis randomly partit à rire en pensait à “boubi” XD Omg, trop drole, je vais jamais cesser de rire du nom de ton toutou XD

    miss you lots,

  3. the biggest G of them all

    aillee dont laugh at **boobie okay?!!! il t’a rien fait 😛 8 -)
    i fucking miss you too omgggg we have to start emailing or something, i dont know anything about your life there and i dont like that!:(
    we had this party for christmas and you were not there it was fucking wierd thats all i can sayy!!
    anywayy write to me on the groovyshit…adresse
    I love you and miss you quite a lot!
    -biancaaaa 🙂

  4. Hi, you wrote me through linkreferral but for some reason there wasn’t a message there; just who it was from. Please send it again.

  5. I have to :-)…you write very well, very professional and here I am smiling because as I read the comments, aside from the fact I don’t understand French ( or is it?), obviously, they’re from very young readers…oh, I do believe in you though.

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