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Miles Away

….from the places we used to be […] Oh my, there’s no place on earth I’d rather be.



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Tango for Two

Girl with a Pearl Earring (circa 1665)-Johannes Vermeer

In my life, three paintings have had a profound impact on me. This painting was the first of the three. It is hard to explain what impacted me so, but if I were to try, I would say that it is the strange combination of her knowing eyes and parted lips…

She is distant, yet she seems almost within reach. She teases the viewer into wanting more, all the while protecting herself by slightly thrusting her shoulder forward. She is aware of her power and uses it to her advantage. She even goes as far as admitting it with her eyes, thus rendering herself vulnerable. This vulnerability is even further pronounced by how much of her face she allows us to see. But make no mistake… This is a tango and she leads the dance.

She is a tease. Her head is covered, as if seeing her hair would be a sin… Yet she allows us a glimpse of her luxurious pearl earring and thus confirms her coquette nature…

Her lips are parted; she is waiting for a response… After all, it takes two to tango.

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