The Historian


How one word can inspire so many emotions is the basis for The Historian.  Three different characters in three different yet overlapping time frames explore Eastern Europe in search of the historical Drakulya. This is a novel about how Vlad Tepes (or Vlad the Impaler) and his legend shaped Europe’s history in a frighteningly fascinating way.

Elizabeth Kustova’s debut novel is both tedious and thrilling. Some parts of it seem to advance at a breathless pace. Others are sluggish. I must admit my interest in the novel varied with the tempo… Though I dreaded about 100 of the 656 pages,  in the two or three weeks since I have completed the novel I have found myself curiously missing it. You see, I liked it the novel. Very much. However, as gripping as it was, there were times when I just couldn’t summon the strength to delve  in the annals of Mediaeval History once more.

Overall, it is an excellent debut novel. To keep a reader interested every step of the way requires incredible skill. It is a feat I shouldn’t expect of authors. Because I do, my experience with The Historian was diminished. However, if your expectations about literature are more realistic than mine, by all means, read this book. The truth behind the legend of the vampire will haunt you long after you have read the last sentence.


“She reached out and touched the crucifix, at first hesitantly, then took it in her hand.”


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  1. marounette

    I definitly HATE you for doing such good reviews that I wanna read all the books YOU read… And God knows you read MUCH more than me… *soupir* What am I gonna do…?!?! lol

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